Mary Margaret (minorpianokeys) wrote,
Mary Margaret

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This is how it feels.

You want to meet up to tell me why, why and how
You had the heart to fuck up my whole life.
That's just so you.

Now I've moved on, found myself.
And maybe I won't forgive
I'll just forget you lived.
And I hope it hurts

Wasn't it me you tried to blame?
Wasn't it me you threw away?

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    What I wrote in this again? What if I began writing. Haphazardly throwing up words and meanings and sentences like they fucking mean things again.…

  • (no subject)

    I honestly can't believe I'm going to be a married woman on Wednesday.

  • (no subject)

    It's my 22nd birthday today. And the clock turned midnight while I was in his arms. Happy birthday to me. <3

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