Mary Margaret (minorpianokeys) wrote,
Mary Margaret

This is the end, my only friend, the end.

What I wrote in this again? What if I began writing. Haphazardly throwing up words and meanings and sentences like they fucking mean things again. Carving what I think of the world on the internet. For them to never, ever wash away. I find my old worlds from ten years ago, still floating around. And I think, "Wow. That was good for what it was." That was ten years ago?

That was ten years ago. This is what it's like to age.

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    I honestly can't believe I'm going to be a married woman on Wednesday.

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    It's my 22nd birthday today. And the clock turned midnight while I was in his arms. Happy birthday to me. <3

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    Going to go see True Grit with Vince and Ivana. Here's hoping it's good!

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