Stay away.

I'm conflicted in him.
Now I'm addicted to place, to you babe.
I can't stay away.
Get up, go down, then we go one more round.
It's wrong, they say.
I can't get stay away.
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But the sky is sublime.

There are a lot of words constantly floating around in my head lately. And it takes so much time and patience just to figure out how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking. But that's okay, I guess. I'm just a little slow in life lately.

Christmas feels like any other day. Except Starbucks is closed and work is going to be fucking busy. I cried a couple times tonight. Just missing family. Not doing anything feels awkward and I constantly feel like I'm forgetting something.

I did watch It's a Wonderful Life with Stuart and made Christmas cookies. But now I'm just so tired and I can't sleep. I wish he didn't have to work so I can have him here next to me.

For a couple monthsweeks, we haven't been doing so well. For the first time, I've held everything all in and I think it was good. Helped me re-evaluate what I feel towards our relationship. The day before yesterday I sat him down and we had an awesome talk and I think we are both re-focused. Working on refocusing in life, in general. He has a set plan for school.

And I don't. And I don't think I will.

'cause I'm scared of growing old.

what i would love to hear.

'I'm ready to settle down now.'

'I know you can't hold out forever. Waiting on a diamond and a tether. From a boy who won't swim but who will dip his toe in just to keep you here with him.'
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You and I.

She is the one who plays the piano.
He is the one who wants to watch.
She is the one who touched his heart.
He made too much of this, of course.

I guess that's all.
They feel so small.

He is the one who wants the crowd to disappear.
She is the one who draws them near.
He is asleep, deep and cynical.
She stays awake to sing sonata.

I guess that's all.
They feel so small.

His dreams are a boat, he's sailing away.
She's just a wreck at the end of the day.
He mails her a letter, he should have burned.

He fell in love with a photograph.
He told her the story, she'd have to laugh.
She feels a distance like a feather.
He's just fool for stormy weather.

I guess that's all.
They feel so small.
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Yesung is going to perform with SHINEe. Holy crap.
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And I'm not upset.

I think that we've finally reached a new level in our relationship.

I leave for Seattle and say, "I miss you."

And you say, "Then why did you leave?"

I call and I hear loud music and I shout, "Oppa, I still miss you!"

And you say, "I can't hear you. I'm in an obnoxiously loud bar. I love and miss you!"

And I laugh and say, "Drink well and love you too!"

There is no jealousy or anxious feelings. As soon as my sister is back, we're breaking out the booze. I'll see you Sunday. And really, that's just fine.

We've got this, baby.
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Like magic, scared to speak.

Sonic Youth? Yes.

This is what I've been waiting for. Cigarettes and Sonic Youth. We'll keep this our little secret.

Cancer and guitar solos. Hey, you look really good today.
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